Find the Squid proxy server that suits your needs.

High speed server just for Proxy aims to provide proxies for all needs and help users to find out which proxies they will use based on their servers. We allocated each proxy server to serve only several IP Addresses to ensure uptime and speed of proxies server. In addition, you can send a request to us in case there is no proxy serves that IP Address of server. Feel free to send us feedback, we are here to help you.

Reliable Proxy

We produce our own proxy server from scratch using the best server and we customize the server to suit users needs.

Premium Proxy

Each Squid server only serves several clients servers which make the connection faster.


You can request to add a new IP Address of client server to our Proxy Server.

Private Proxy

We serve only IP Address of server from our networks: FASTSSH, SSHKIT, TCPVPN and SSHKIT